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February 2015, , Tel Aviv Eretz Israel Museum of Craft. 3rd. Israeli Glass Exhibition

April 2014, Jerusalem, Israel Glass Biennale.

May 2014, Ramat Ha-Sharon, Municipal Open Air Gallery. [group]

March 2014, and on, Ramat Ha-Sharon, Municipal Gallery – exhibition of masks [for Purim]

February 2014. Tel Aviv. Periscope Gallery IMPROVIZTIONS. [solo exhibition.

September 2013. Ramat Ha-Sharon, Bank Iggud – Gallery, Shared exhibition with a H. Kadima.

April 2013. Ramat Ha-Sharon, Open Air Municipal Gallery

June 2012, Vienna. Moya Museum for Young Art. International exhibition

April 2012, Ramat Ha-Sharon. Open Air Municipal Gallery

August 2011. London, La Galleria Pall Mall / The Royal Opera Arcade, International exhibition.

April 2010, Ramat Ha-Sharon, Open – Air Gallery – My favorite personality of the decade. [Group]

November 2009, Gan Shmuel Gallery - Glass Art Exhibition. [Group]

February 2009, Galerina Art Gallery "SHE" group exhibition.

August 2008 Vancuver Jewish Center, Vancuver Canada, ISRAEL AT 60, group exhibition

October 2007, Glass Museum, Arad, Permanent Exhibition at the Hall of the Museum artists , [permanent loan]

September 2007 – May 2008, Fragile Reality Eretz Yisrael Museum of Craft, Tel Aviv.

July 2007 group exhibition River Hood Gorge, Oregon, USA

March 2007, Toucing the Skies, one person exhibition at the Miryam Yaniv Contemporary Glass Gallery, Tel Aviv

July 2006, A Woman in Red, group exhibition, at the Miryam Yaniv Contemporary Glass Gallery, Tel Aviv

September 2004, Jewish Glass Artists, JCC Greater Hartford CT. , USA

February 2004, Artists' Residencies, Herzliya Shvoorit Zekhukha , [Broken Glass], one person exhibition.

November 1999, Nature into Culture – Art in Paper, The Open Museum , Omer Industrial Park, Beer Sheba, Israel

September 1999, "The Invisible Exhibition", Open air exhibition Bratislava, Slovakia

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